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Tomoko Shibata, soprano and vocal is often touched by the magical charm of music throughout her stay in New York. Tough being a classical musician, she is always eager to learn from the moving moments with other genres and to establish her own styles. Enjoying music, she found herself longing for other possible forms of expression in arts and music. It was a natural course for her to play an added role of producer.

T. S. PROJECT INTERNATIONAL INC. (T.S.P.I.) literally materializes brainchild of globally active Shibata Tomoko.

We continues to offer music, musicians and arts that directly speak to your heart and sense, collaborating talents of other genres to materialize various projects.

We are a group of creators who help widen the horizon of arts and music.



We find promising performers, composers and arrangers regardless of age and cultivate new genres.


In addition to concert series self-produced by Tomoko Shibata, we produce events featuring our exclusive artists and other talents.


In the gallery space conceived by Tomoko Shibata, one can also enjoy verdure and sunlight in the heart of Tokyo. Aside from presenting its own concerts, workshops and events, it may be rented for rehearsals for small ensemble, CD recordings or photo/video sessions.


We offer career consulting for artists and development of new product and idea. Our experienced staff members are available for those who are waver in judgment, when contemplating repertoire, when an outsider opinion is called for or when seeking a new communication approach.


T.S.P.I. invites you to the “herbal music” that pacifies mind and body alike.